Project Graduation Trivia Game

True or False?

  1. Project Graduation at ABRHS is an all-night safe celebration the evening of graduation? TRUE. Started in 1989 by concerned parents, Project Graduation has established the tradition of a drug and alcohol free, all-night "lock-in" graduation event.
  2. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration promotes these events. TRUE. "Almost 60% of teens who die in traffic accidents were drinking prior to the crash, and 43% were legally intoxicated." Statistically, graduation night is one of the most deadly nights for teenagers, and our goal is to provide this safe alternative for our students.
  3. Most seniors attend this event. TRUE. Project Graduation has become a much anticipated event; nearly 90% of the Senior Class attends. Our goal to provide a safe graduation celebration and to allow our graduates an opportunity for the entire class to be together one last time - and allow parents and family to know their graduates are safe - has been met.
  4. Acton Boxborough Regional High School supports this event. TRUE. The faculty and staff of the high school endorse this event wholeheartedly and are very helpful and accommodating throughout the year.
  5. Acton and Boxborough help to finance this event. FALSE. While the schools and Towns of Acton and Boxboro help in many ways, Project Graduation is an independent non-profit organization whose funds are dependent on cash and prize donations, contributions from parents, local businesses and the greater community, and ticket sales.
  6. Ticket sales cover most of the evening's expenses. FALSE. The $20 admission fee for seniors covers less than 25% of the evening's expenses - which includes 7 hours of non-stop entertainment, food and prizes.
  7. It's too early to think about a June event. FALSE. It's never too early. The Project Graduation Committee begins to work on the next year's event before the current one is over. For example, we book the DJ and other entertainment a year in advance to ensure the best. Fundraising activities each spring raise money for the next year's celebration. Formal committee meetings and planning begins six months before graduation. 
  8. Since this is an event for seniors, only senior parents are involved. FALSE. Senior parents are not allowed to attend even if they wanted to! The event is arranged entirely by parents of under classmen and the local community. Senior parents deserve a break after the hectic lead-up to graduation.
  9. Each year, the success of Project Graduation insures the success of the next year's event. TRUE. We build upon the success of each year's event, adding entertainment, decorations, etc. so that the school becomes transformed into a venue of fun and entertainment. The funds being raised for this year will actually be used for next year's Project Graduation!
  10. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors will become Seniors. TRUE. Since we all want our children to experience this special night, even if it's a few years away, please volunteer to help in any way you can.